Company profile

Launched in 2012, CDNsun positions itself as an 'affordable CDN'. CDNsun provides a variety of services including Wowza based stream delivery, with transcoding on fly, to RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. CDNsun provides 24/7 live support.

Network Map

CDNsun has many POPs in 5 continents, including 5 in the Australia, 2 in Vietnam and many in Europe in countries where most CDNs don't have POPs, like Greece and Portugal. CDNsun CDN Network Map

Pricing & Contract duration

CDNsun is pay as you go and offers low end pricing.

Pricing & Contract duration
Price US/EU traffic - low volume$0.04 per GB
Price US/EU traffic - high volume$0.02 per GB, at 100 TB per month
Extra charge for APAC region traffic253%HelpCDNsun shows the pricing per POP on their website, and pricing drops as volume goes up. Custom price plans available at 200+ TB/m. Unused credit expires after 1 year.
StorageHelpStoring your content on their CDN (push) costs $4.99 for the first 50 GB, and costs per GB stored quickly drops as volume goes up.

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support

CDNsun provides a wide range of features, including a REST API, access logs and of course HTTPS delivery.

Features & Support
Push (upload to CDN servers)Yes
Purge AllYes
GzipResend from origin, or compress on edge
Persistent connectionsYes
Honors all origin server headersYes
Can override origin server headersYes
Set caching headers for pushed filesYes
Custom CNAMEsYes
HTTPSYesHelpIt's all SNI. Certificate provided by the CDNsun: $660/year.
Control Panel & statisticsYes
Access LogsYesHelpFTP, FTPS, SFTP, Rsync and REST HTTPS API. $1.99 / CDN service.

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