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CloudFront Purge Tool

A Chrome extension, to easily purge (invalidate) files from Amazon CloudFront, using an intuitive, secure interface.

You should not use this tool. It probably does not work anymore.
Nowadays, CloudFront enables you to purge files via the AWS console.
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Currently, you cannot purge files from CloudFront via the AWS console, which means you always have to do it via the API. The CloudFront Purge Tool, a Chrome extension, takes away the hassle of using the AWS API in case you want to quickly purge one or more files.


Wondering if is safe to use this tool? Don't worry. The CloudFront Purge Tool installs on your local computer and interacts directly with AWS: we are not in between. All information is sent securely over HTTPS. Your AWS Secret is not even sent over the wire (the authenticator is encrypted in the browser), so nobody can possibly 'grab' it by sniffing internet traffic. If you want, you can have the app remember your credentials: they will be stored on your computer, in Chrome's localStorage.


The CloudFront Purge Tool is a simple tool, allowing you to:

  • Do purge requests for all distributions tied to your credentials
  • Purge multiple files in one request
  • View the status of the last 20 purge requests
  • Receive a Desktop Notification when the purge is done (can be turned off)

Source code

The source code of the CloudFront Purge Tool is available on Github: Fork away!


CloudFront Purge Tool screenshot - sign in

CloudFront Purge Tool screenshot - main screen

CloudFront Purge Tool icon

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