We believe in the power of speed. A fast site gets more traffic and makes more money. Speed is the #1 requirement for true online success. When delivering webpages to people in different geographical regions, using a Content Delivery Network is a must-have in order to achieve web performance excellence.


Help website owners select the Content Delivery Network that best meets their needs, by offering useful information and powerful tools in an easy-to-use online environment.


CDN Planet is founded and operated by two web performance consultants: Sajal Kayan and Aaron Peters.
Sajal is in charge of all our backend technology. He likes Python, has lots of experience with CDNs and lives in Bangkok.
Dutchman Aaron is the product and business guy, who also happens to know a thing or two about HTML, CSS and JavaScript and so he created the front-end of this site.


Our website and apps run in the Amazon cloud. We like Python, MongoDB and JavaScript. We tune for performance and reliability on a daily basis.

Contact details

Email: info {at} cdnplanet {dot} com
Twitter: @cdnplanet