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Amazon CloudFront is a web service CDN for delivery of static and streaming content. It integrates well with other Amazon Web Services but can be used stand-alone too, via an extensive API. Amazon Cloudfront has POPs in US, EU, Asia, Australia and South-America and offers a no-commitments price plan.

Network Map

Amazon CloudFront has many edge servers in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and South-America, but not (yet) in China.

Pricing & Contract duration

Cloudfront charges $0.0075 to $0.0220 per 10,000 requests, on top of the costs for data transfer. Visit their pricing table for more information.

Pricing & Contract duration
Price US/EU traffic - low volume$0.12 per GB
Price US/EU traffic - high volume$0.02 per GB, at 5000 TB per month
Extra charge for APAC region traffic58%Help$0.19 / GB for Hong Kong & Singapore and $0.201 / GB for Japan
StorageFreeHelpS3 storage charges may apply for S3 backed distributions.

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support

Amazon CloudFront offers many of the features you may expect from a CDN, like Origin-Pull, Purge and Gzip compression. Good to know: unless you pay extra, you cannot call or email AWS for support.

Features & Support
Origin-PullYesHelpOrigin pull is called "Custom Origin" when creating a new Cloudfront distribution.
Push (upload to CDN servers)YesHelpTo use push, set the Cloudfront distribution to use "Amazon S3 Origin" as the source.
PurgeYesHelpCloudfront charges $0.005 per file purged. 1,000 purges are free per month.
Purge AllNo
GzipOnly if origin server does Gzip
Persistent connectionsYes
Honors all origin server headersYes
Can override origin server headersNo
Set caching headers for pushed filesYes
Custom CNAMEsYesHelpThere is a limit of 100 CNAMEs per distribution.
Control Panel & statisticsYes
Access LogsYesHelpAccess logs can be optionally written to a S3 bucket.
SupportNoHelpBy default aws only provides a forum for community support. Premium support is available at extra charges.

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