Company profile is a Content Delivery Network founded in 2011 with 25+ points of presence around the world with great coverage in Europe. offers their CDN service in the Pay-As-You-Go model (no contracts or commitment) or High volume plan, both with 14-day free trial with no credit card required. Easy setup enables you to be up & running in 5 minutes. This London-based company claims they now serve over 2500 clients from Europe, US, South America, Asia and Australia.

Network Map

CDN77 has Anycast DNS and 25+ POPs worldwide, including 10 POPs in Europe and 3 in South America, but they also have POPs in US and Asia-Pacific.

Pricing & Contract duration

CDN77 is a low-cost, no-commitment content delivery network. Customization tools and reporting allow customers to have full control over their budget. No costs for requests, no costs for origin to edge traffic.

Pricing & Contract duration
Price US/EU traffic - low volume$0.05 per GB
Price US/EU traffic - high volume$0.01 per GB, at 2000 TB per month
Extra charge for APAC region traffic145%
StorageNo extra charge up to 50 GB.

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support

CDN77 offers a variety of HTTP caching services incl. pseudo-streaming. All of the services offer a full feature set - eg. secure token (url signing), geoblocking and traffic prioritization (selection of PoPs to be used) CDN77 has a powerful API, detailed client’s reports and raw logs are available to let you manage your CDN resources with ease. All of the services offer a full feature set - e.g. secure token (url signing), geoblocking, hotlink protection and traffic prioritization (selection of PoPs to be used) accompanied by 24/7 live chat support.

Features & Support
Push (upload to CDN servers)Yes
Purge AllYes
GzipThe CDN handles the gzipping
Persistent connectionsYes
Honors all origin server headersYes
Can override origin server headersYes
Set caching headers for pushed filesYes
Custom CNAMEsYesHelpMultiple CNAMEs per origin.
HTTPSYesHelpShared SSL (free of charge) and custom domain SSL (pay extra).
Control Panel & statisticsYes
Access LogsYes
SupportYesHelp24x7 via live chat, Skype, email and phone (UK and US numbers).

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