Company profile

Leaseweb has been an established player in the (enterprise) hosting market for many years and launched their CDN in June 2013. Leaseweb claims 'the most competitive price in the CDN market'.

Network Map

Leaseweb has POPs on three continents and executes a SuperPOP strategy: place high-capacity, high-performance POPs at strategic locations (versus having many 'smaller' POPs at many locations). The SuperPOPs have 100-300 Gbit uplink capacity per location, depending on popularity. Total network capacity exceeds 4 Tbps. Leaseweb CDN has over 1800 unique BGP neighbours.

Pricing & Contract duration

Pay-as-you-go or high-volume, high-discount enterprise. Leaseweb provides their CDN service to companies small and large.

Pricing & Contract duration
Contract duration minimum1 Months
Price US/EU traffic - low volume$0.05 per GB, at 1 TB per monthHelp1TB (EUR 49) minimum commitment.
Price US/EU traffic - high volume$0.03 per GB, at 50 TB per month
Extra charge for APAC region traffic0%
StorageFreeHelp2 GB included for free

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support

Leaseweb CDN is built on a API first architecture with 100% pure SSD and advanced hardware technologies.

Features & Support
Origin-PullYesHelpOrigin can be a hostname or IP address.
Push (upload to CDN servers)Yes
PurgeYesHelpThe average time for a purge request to execute on all CDN servers is less than 5 minutes. The CDN supports ‘soft TTL’ or ‘soft invalidation’. This means the customer can configure after how long the CDN needs to check on the origin if a file is still valid.
Purge AllYesHelpYou can purge all files in a directory and all files in all directories.
GzipResend from origin, or compress on edgeHelpCustomer can configure which files get sent compressed.
Persistent connectionsYes
Honors all origin server headersYes
Can override origin server headersYes
Set caching headers for pushed filesYes
Custom CNAMEsYes
HTTPSYesHelpShared certificate is free. Customer upload his own SSL certificate. Support for SAN and EV SAN certificates.
Control Panel & statisticsYesHelpInsight in bandwidth usage is per 5minute, hourly, daily, monthly. Reports include: - #requests for top urls - activity per geographical region/country on a map - AS Number distribution
Access LogsYesHelpAccessible via FTP and FTPS. Logs are W3C compliant. The logs have an impact on storage used, and so on the charges for storage (first 2 GB is free).
APIYesHelpAPI is REST with JSON output. API has a HTTPS endpoint. No billing info via API.
SupportYesHelp24/7 phone support.

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