Company profile

MaxCDN is a real-time, next generation CDN that has been around since 2009. MaxCDN's EdgeCaching platform is a fast, distributed computing platform using commodity hardware and open source software. Customers include Garmin, Kodak, BuySellAds, WP Engine and The Next Web.

Network Map

With 17 edge locations in play (and more coming soon), MaxCDN loads your files from original server to end users at their nearest geographic location. Each POP location boasts multiple 10 gigabit connections. MaxCDN has over 500 peering partners worldwide and direct reach into over 90 countries. MaxCDN CDN Network Map

Pricing & Contract duration

MaxCDN offers competitive prices and on top of that has an on-going promotion for the first TB: $39.95. Custom SSL and VOD Secure token are each $99 per month and zone.

Pricing & Contract duration
Price US/EU traffic - low volume$0.10 per GB, at 1 TB per month
Price US/EU traffic - high volume$0.08 per GB, at 25 TB per month
Extra charge for APAC region trafficNo extra charge
Storage10 Gigabytes is $9.95/mHelpPrice per GB drops as volume goes up. E.g. 100 Gigabytes costs $69.95 a month.

Note: custom price plans are very common in the CDN market, especially for large volume customers. We recommend you always talk to the CDN provider about your needs and requirements and work with them to get a best-fit deal.

Features & Support

MaxCDN has a nice feature set with all the basics and more, including HTTP Referrer Protection, Real time reporting and plug-ins for popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3 and Magento.

Features & Support
Push (upload to CDN servers)YesHelpSCP, SFTP & Rsync.
Purge AllYes
GzipThe CDN handles the gzippingHelpYou can easily enable Gzip compression in the control panel. Note that only files with these MIME types will be compressed: text/plain, text/html, text/javascript, text/css, text/xml, application/javascript, application/x-javascript, application/xml. Also note that MaxCDN will always request the files uncompressed from your origin server, even if your server can send it Gzipped.
Persistent connectionsYes
Honors all origin server headersYes
Can override origin server headersYes
Set caching headers for pushed filesYes
Custom CNAMEsYes
HTTPSYesHelpMaxCDN provides free shared SSL.
Control Panel & statisticsYes
Access LogsYes
SupportYesHelpMaxCDN experts are available by phone Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm (PST), but email and ticket support are available 24/7.

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