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CDN market news and announcements in April 2017

Published on May 1 2017

Learn what happened in the CDN market in April 2017, including new product offerings, network expansions and an acquisition.

Fastly unveils edge cloud platform, introduces three new products

Apr 18 2017
Today, Fastly publicly unveiled its edge cloud platform, which empowers the world’s most popular businesses to deliver consistently secure, fast and personalized digital experiences. Fastly is also debuting three new services, available today on its edge cloud platform: the Fastly Web Application Firewall (WAF), Image Optimizer, and Load Balancer.

Read the full press release: Fastly Builds on Content Delivery Network Heritage, Unveils Edge Cloud Platform

Limelight introduces Security Alert and WAF Express

Apr 18 2017

Limelight Networks launches two new additions to its Cloud Security Services that enhance protection against attacks on websites and unauthorized access or theft of content.
Read the full press release: New Limelight cloud security services offer scalable protection to safeguard websites and apps from online attacks

Akamai acquires SOASTA

Apr 7 2017

SOASTA is a well-known player in the Digital Performance Management market, offering web performance load testing, performance monitoring (RUM) and analytics.
Read the full press release: Akamai Completes Acquisition Of SOASTA

Cloudflare launches 6 new POPs

Apr 2017

Cloudflare expanded its global network with new POPs in Kansas City (US), Curaçao, Djibouti, Belgrade (Serbia), Munich (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary). The Cloudflare network now has 111 datacenters.
View the Cloudflare network map or read the new POP announcements on the Cloudflare blog

Verizon / EdgeCast adds a POP in Auckland, New Zealand

Apr 4 2017

Verizon Digital Media Services has collaborated with Megaport (Australia) Pty Ltd to expand the Verizon / Edgecast CDN with a new POP in Auckland, New Zealand.
Read the full press release: Verizon Digital Media Services collaborates with Megaport to expand the Edgecast Content Delivery Network into New Zealand