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AdvancedHosting provides dedicated servers, cloud servers, cloud storage, CDN, AnycastDNS, DevOps as a Service and domain registration since 2002. The CDN has ~25 POPs on 4 continents, supporting delivery of video and static assets.
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View the table below for more insight into AdvancedHosting products.
Hover over/touch the product to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Unknown = Unknown
Dynamic content deliveryNon-cacheable content delivery. User login, shopping cart ... No
Small file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of small files (file size <1 MB) Yes CDN for Static Content
Large file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of large files (file size >1 MB) Yes
Live videoDelivery of live video. RTMP? Transcoding/transmuxing? Yes CDN for Video
Video on demandDelivery of on demand video Yes CDN for Video
Image OptimizationAutomatic image transformation/compression/optimization No
DNSAuthoritative DNS for customer domain Yes Anycast DNS
WAFWeb Application Firewall No
Anti-DDoSDDoS attack protection. Specific product(s) for this. No
Private CDNDedicated edge resources & custom configs No
Edge ComputeRun your code on CDN edge servers No


AdvancedHosting has POPs on 4 continents including 2 in Latin America.

Click the country flag icon to navigate to a page showing all CDNs with POP(s) in that country.
Locations marked with * are not active yet but on the CDN's roadmap.

Region POPs Locations
North America 9 United States flag Ashburn - Atlanta - Chicago - Dallas - Los Angeles - Miami - New York - Pasadena - Seattle
Canada flag Toronto*
Latin America 2 Brazil flag São Paulo
Peru flag Lima
Europe 9 Bulgaria flag Sofia
Switzerland flag Zurich
Germany flag Frankfurt
United Kingdom flag London
Spain flag Madrid
France flag Paris - Marseille*
Italy flag Milan
Netherlands flag Amsterdam
Sweden flag Stockholm
Russia & CIS 1 Russia flag Moscow
Asia excl. China 3 Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Japan flag Tokyo
Singapore flag Singapore
China 0
Oceania 0
Middle-East 0
Africa 0


AdvancedHosting has one global rate for all bytes delivered. Pricing is low compared to others in the market. SSL/TLS is free.
AdvancedHosting pricing

Pricing & contract duration
Minimum contract term None
Minimum monthly costs $0.01
Requests costsCustomers pay for client to CDN requests None
Ingress costsCustomers pay for origin-to-CDN bytes transferred Yes
NA/EU traffic (low volume) $0.025 per GB or $0.5 per Mbps
APAC traffic (low volume) $0.025 per GB or $0.5 per Mbps
LATAM traffic (low volume) $0.025 per GB or $0.5 per Mbps


View the tables below for more insight into the features AdvancedHosting supports.
Hover over/touch the feature name to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Extra costs = Extra costs
  • Unknown = Unknown
Web acceleration
Instant setupSign up, configure, start testing. Yes
Change propagation delayHow fast do config changes propagate to all POPs? Sortof/partially 2 to 3 minutes (video takes longer)
Apex/root domain OK Blog: Root domain on CDN and performanceNo performance degradation when using http(s):// No
HTTP/2 Yes
IPv6Do the edge servers have IPv6? Yes
Compression CDN Guide: CompressionReduce file size for faster delivery Sortof/partially Resend from origin only
tooltip Does not compress on the edge
Origin pull - protocolHTTP only or HTTPS possible too? Yes HTTP and HTTPS
tooltip Video: only pull over HTTP
Origin pull - Host headerUse client > edge value? Set specific value? Yes Can be different from origin host
tooltip Video: only origin Host
Origin ShieldCDN Guide: Origin ShieldOne POP pulls from origin, other POPs pull from the shield POP Yes Free.
Push / uploadStore your content directly on CDN, no customer origin Extra costs $25/TB
Cache control - CDN caching Yes Origin or CDN controlled
Cache control - client caching Yes Origin or CDN controlled
Serve Stale CDN Guide: Serve StaleCDN serves cached but expired content in case origin is in trouble Yes
Purge CDN Guide: PurgeInvalidate or delete cached objects on CDN Sortof/partially A few minutes
Purge - capabilities Yes Purge specific files, purge all (not for VideoCDN)
Analytics Sortof/partially Cache hit ratio and error rate not yet available
Log files No Available on request (support ticket)
API Yes Purge, analytics, configuration
HTTPS & Content Protection
CDN domain HTTPSUse the CDN's domain, like Yes
Customer domain HTTPSYour domain in the CDN's certificate Sortof/partially Let's Encrypt with auto-renewal. CDN handles all.
Customer cert HTTPSYour certificate on the CDN Yes Can be an EV certificate. Free.
Token authentication Yes Antihotlink protection
Geo blocking Sortof/partially VideoCDN only
Hotlink protectionThird parties cannot deeplink to your content Yes Set allow and/or block list.
Basic authenticationUser logs in on the CDN to get content No
IP white/blacklisting Sortof/partially VideoCDN only


Customer support
Documentation Sortof/partially API docs and VoD API docs
Humans Yes Ticket system, Skype and email support is free.

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