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CDN Guides

Informational articles about CDN features.

CDN Guides are articles packed with information about one CDN feature. The Guide provides generic information and a handy CDN comparison table that provides quick and easy insight into how the feature is supported by/available on each CDN. You will also find more info/details per CDN including links to relevant external online sources.


Prefetching is warming the CDN caches, so first users don't get a slow cache miss response. Relevant for large file/video delivery.
CDN Guide: Prefetch

Origin shield

Origin shield is an extra caching layer between the CDN servers and your origin.
CDN Guide: Origin shield

Serve stale

Serve stale means the CDN serves expired objects from cache while the origin is slow, down or returns errors.
CDN Guide: Serve stale


Invalidate or delete objects on the CDN. Just one object, all or by tag, key or header.
CDN Guide: Purge


Compression (Gzip, Brotli) greatly reduces file size, for faster responses and less bytes over the wire.
CDN Guide: Compression