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CDN market news and announcements in June 2017

Published on Jul 5 2017

Learn what happened in the CDN market in June 2017: a new product offering by CDNetworks, new price plans at CDN77 and the all new Cloudflare Apps.

CDNetworks launches Cloud Security 2.0

June 13 2017

CDNetworks has announced the launch of Cloud Security 2.0. The newly released application includes next generation behavioral web application firewall (WAF) technology integrated into CDNetworks' global content delivery network.

Read the full press release.

CDN77 offers new monthly plans

June 6 2017

The new monthly plans are month-to-month based plans that come with PoPs in North America, Europe (incl. Russia and Ukraine), Istanbul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul. Customers can cancel any time and switch back and forth between Pay-As-You-Go and mont-to-month.

CDN77 monthly plans

Cloudflare announces the next generation Apps

June 27 2017
Cloudflare Apps is an open platform of tools to build a high quality website. It's a place where every website owner can select from a vast catalog of Apps which can improve their websites and internet properties in every way imaginable. Selected apps can be previewed and installed instantly with just a few clicks, giving every website owner the power of technical expertise, and every developer the platform only Cloudflare can provide.

Read the announcement on Cloudflare blog