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CDN market news and announcements in May 2017

Learn what happened in the CDN market in May 2017, including a new product offering by Cloudflare, network expansion by CloudFront and a big funding round for Fastly.

Limelight Networks promises to reduce video rebuffer rates by 10% or more

May 16 2017

Limelight Networks announced new performance and functionality advancements to the Limelight Orchestrate Platform, resulting in significant reduction in video sessions experiencing rebuffers. Limelight also introduced a money-back guarantee to reduce online video rebuffer rates for new customers.

Read the full press release or visit the video rebuffer promo page.

Cloudflare launches Argo, a "virtual backbone" for the modern Internet

May 18 2017

Argo analyzes and optimizes routing decisions across the global Internet in real-time. Cloudflare claims Argo can "deliver content across our network with dramatically reduced latency, increased reliability, heightened encryption, and reduced cost vs. an equivalent path across the open Internet".
Argo is priced at $5/domain monthly, plus $0.10 per GB of transfer from Cloudflare to end users.

Read the press release.

Fastly raises $50 million

May 23 2017

Fastly has announced $50 million in funding led by Sorenson Capital with participation from additional new investor Sapphire Ventures. The funding will be used to meet growing demand for cloud services at the edge and to ensure long-term independence.

Read the press release here.

CloudFront adds edge locations in Seattle, Dallas/Fort Worth and Tokyo.

May 23 2017

Amazon CloudFront has expanded its network with new edge locations in two cities in the United States (Seattle and Dallas/Fort Worth) and in Japan (Tokyo). This brings the total number of CloudFront locations to 88 (including 77 points of presence and 11 regional edge cache locations).

Read the announcements here and here.