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Introducing CDN Guides

Published on Mar 12 2017

As part of the relaunch of CDN Planet, we're introducing a new content section: CDN Guides.
A CDN Guide is an article packed with information about one content delivery network feature. The first three CDN Guides are about Compression, Purge and Serve stale.

The CDN Guide will help you get a solid understanding of the feature and - perhaps most importantly - show the differences between the various CDNs. You will also find detailed specifics per CDN and links to relevant docs/content on the CDN websites and support portals.


Do all CDNs pull compressed from the origin? Which CDNs can do gzipping on the edge? What are content types that should be served compressed? What is Brotli and does your CDN support it?
View the CDN Guide: Compression


What is purging? Which CDNs invalidate objects and which CDNs delete objects? Can all CDNs purge by directory or content type? Is purging free and without rate limits?
View the CDN Guide: Purge

Serve stale

What is stale content? Do all CDNs serve stale content in case your origin is down or serving errors? Is 'serve stale' a free feature or do CDNs charge extra for it? Do any CDNs support the HTTP Cache-Control Extensions for Stale Content?
View the CDN Guide: Serve stale

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter what feature should be in our next CDN Guide!