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Introducing the CDN Performance Checker tool

Published on Mar 12 2018

Getting complaints about your site being slow or your app not loading?
Validate your CDN's performance with our new CDN Performance Checker tool!

The CDN Performance Checker tool instantly checks if an object will load fast from your CDN. The tests run from 10 residential locations across the globe: US (Cleveland and Seattle), Canada, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, India, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia.

Eyeballs, not datacenters

Many performance monitoring services and tools use test machines in datacenters. This is not great. Your CDN may have great connectivity to some datacenter, but poor performance getting your content to your actual users (often referred to as 'eyeballs'). The best insight into CDN performance is gained from testing from the perspective of real users, who use the Internet at home, at work and on the go. This is what our CDN Performance Checker tool does, powered by TurboBytes Pulse.

TurboBytes Pulse (built and operated by us!) is a free online tool for diagnosing CDN and DNS performance. Pulse has ~60 locations around the globe currently and most of these are in people's homes. We handpicked 10 locations for use on the CDN Planet site in the CDN Performance Checker tool.



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