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Turbobytes: multi-CDN made easy

Published on Apr 25 2012

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce Turbobytes, the new and easy way of using multiple Content Delivery Networks for static object delivery. Turbobytes offers a multi-provider CDN platform that load balances amongst providers based on performance. The platform monitors Content Delivery Network performance from an end-user point of view (2 lines of non-blocking JavaScript code on webpages), analyzes the data in real-time and makes intelligent decisions on whether or not to switch to another, better performing CDN, in some part of the world. The actual switching is done by making changes to DNS records and we can do this on a regional or country level, and even at the state level in the US

We target medium-sized businesses (publishers, webshops, analytics/widget providers and ad networks) that need to have their static content delivered in different parts of the world at high speed.

Benefits of using Turbobytes

  • Faster content delivery
  • Higher reliability: no more damage to your business because your CDN or your own servers are down or slow
  • Great pricing
  • Easy come, easy go: free trial, low monthly fees (starts at $0), no commitment for bandwidth and a Cancel-Anytime policy
  • Better insight: unique, personalized CDN data, presented simple and easily accessible (desktop, tablet, phone)
  • Excellent service

We work with Level3, EdgeCast, Internap and NetDNA and expect to add several CDNs in the next months. Our partner for DNS is Dyn.

What makes the Turbobytes service unique is that it's easy (one contract, performance optimization is automated) to use multiple CDN providers in order to get optimal performance.

Is multi-CDN really of added value?

Below you see two charts, showing CDN performance in US and Australia (total time, incl DNS lookup, to load a 16 KB file). As you see, CDN performance varies and the US is much different from Australia. US April CDN Performance AU April CDN Performance
The number of measurements per CDN per country per day is 25000+

Interested? Go check it out: Turbobytes: multi-CDN made easy.

Note: CDN Planet will not change because we now run Turbobytes. You will continue to find objective, factual information here.