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CDN Finder

Identify the CDNs on a website. Easy, fast and accurate

Identify all the CDNs used on a web page or lookup the CDN for a single URL or hostname.


CDN Finder FAQ

How does CDN Finder identify a CDN?

In short, CDN Finder uses DNS, response headers and IP-to-ASN mappings to identify the CDN. Read more about how CDN Finder identifies a CDN in our blog post:
The All New CDN Finder

Does CDN Finder identify CDN for streaming video?

The CDN Finder tool analyzes the HTML of a web page. If that web page has a video element, CDN Finder will see the URL in that element's source and identify the CDN. However, if the web page has video that is initialized by JavaScript, CDN Finder will not detect it.

Do all websites use a CDN?

Chapter 22 of the 2022 Web Almanac shows that 29% of websites use a CDN to deliver HTML and 47% of websites that deliver page resources like images, css and fonts from subdomains use a CDN.
2022 Web Almanac - CDN Adoption

Is Amazon ELB a CDN?

No, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer is not a CDN.

Is Azure Front Door a CDN?

Yes, Azure Front Door is a content delivery network, typically used to delivery dynamic content.

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