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Announcing the Cloudfront Purge Tool

Published on Jan 23 2012

The CDN Planet website runs in the Amazon cloud and we like it a lot. But there is one thing we bumped into some time ago that bothered us: you can't purge files from Amazon Cloudfront using the AWS console. And so, we searched the Web for a good, free and secure tool for easy Cloudfront purging. We found nothing we liked, so we built it, as a Chrome extension. And we came up with a brilliant name for it: the Cloudfront Purge Tool ;-)

The Cloudfront Purge Tool is a simple, intuitive and secure app that installs on your local computer, in the Chrome browser. You can read the full description and view screenshots on our Cloudfront Purge Tool page.

But, you can also skip that and go directly to the Chrome web store to install the app. Enjoy!