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Instantly check your CDN's performance from 10 residential locations around the globe.

The CDN Performance Checker tool is currently offline. The new version should come online soon. Follow us on Twitter to hear about the re-launch!

How fast does your CDN deliver content to people's homes in US, Canada, Ireland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia?

Powered by TurboBytes Pulse


The test machines (Pulse agents) sit in people's homes and are dedicated devices connected to the Internet. The agents do not have a cache and do not keep connections alive.

Important: the test machines terminate the TCP connection after receiving the response headers. They don't fetch the response body. This is by design to ensure the Pulse agents do not consume a lot of bandwidth.

The agents send the following request headers:

User-Agent: TurboBytes-Pulse/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip

All Pulse agents do HTTP/2.

Some of the Pulse agents have IPv6 connectivity.

More information is available in the Pulse FAQ.

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