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This page is no longer maintained. QUANTIL, now an R&D department within Wangsu company, does not sell CDN services anymore but instead directs interested parties to CDNetworks (also part of Wangsu).


QUANTIL launched their CDN services in 2012. They have a strong focus on live stream delivery with continued support for RTMP, L-HLS, HDS, HTTP TS and HTTP FLV. QUANTIL has a full-featured IPv4+IPv6 network and a big network of POPs in 34 countries including mainland China (ChinaNetCenter).
QUANTIL website



View the table below for more insight into QUANTIL products.
Hover over/touch the product to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Unknown = Unknown
Dynamic content deliveryNon-cacheable content delivery. User login, shopping cart ... Yes Website Acceleration
Small file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of small files (file size <1 MB) Yes
Large file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of large files (file size >1 MB) Yes Download Acceleration
Live videoDelivery of live video. RTMP? Transcoding/transmuxing? Yes Live Stream Acceleration
Video on demandDelivery of on demand video Yes Video On Demand Acceleration
Image OptimizationAutomatic image transformation/compression/optimization No
DNSAuthoritative DNS for customer domain No
WAFWeb Application Firewall Yes
Anti-DDoSDDoS attack protection. Specific product(s) for this. Yes Cloud Security
Private CDNDedicated edge resources & custom configs Unknown
Edge ComputeRun your code on CDN edge servers Unknown


QUANTIL has 550+ POPs in mainland China plus many POPs in North-America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Their network expansion aims to reach 2,000 PoPs by the end of 2019, including POPs in India, Mexico and Brazil.
QUANTIL network map

Click the country flag icon to navigate to a page showing all CDNs with POP(s) in that country.
Locations marked with * are not active yet but on the CDN's roadmap.

Region POPs Locations
North America 10 United States flag Ashburn - Atlanta - Chicago - Dallas - Denver - Los Angeles - Miami - New York City - San Jose - Seattle
Latin America 0
Europe 6 Germany flag Frankfurt
Spain flag Madrid
France flag Paris
United Kingdom flag London
Italy flag Milan
Netherlands flag Amsterdam
Russia & CIS 1 Russia flag St Petersburg
Asia excl. China 22 Brunei flag Bandar Seri Begawan
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Indonesia flag Jakarta
Japan flag Tokyo
Cambodia flag Phnom Penh
South Korea flag Seoul
Laos flag Vientiane
Sri Lanka flag Colombo
Mongolia flag Ulan Bator
Macau flag Macau
Malaysia flag Kuala Lumpur
Nepal flag Kathmandu
Philippines flag Cebu City - Manila
Pakistan flag Islamabad - Karachi - Lahore
Singapore flag Singapore
Thailand flag Bangkok
Taiwan flag Taipei
Vietnam flag Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh
China 550 China flag All major cities and provinces in China
Oceania 3 Australia flag Melbourne - Sydney
Fiji flag Suva
Middle-East 4 United Arab Emirates flag Dubai
Iran flag Baghdad
Kuwait flag Kuwait City
Qatar flag Doha
Africa 6 Djibouti flag Djibouti
Kenya flag Mombasa
Madagascar flag Antananarivo
Mauritius flag Port Louis
South Africa flag Cape Town - Johannesburg


QUANTIL provides custom pricing packages based on specific customer needs. You can receive a personalized quote by contacting their sales support team. QUANTIL can help you get an ICP license for mainland China content delivery.
QUANTIL contact form

Pricing & contract duration
Minimum contract term 12 months
Minimum monthly costs $1000
Requests costsCustomers pay for client to CDN requests None
Ingress costsCustomers pay for origin-to-CDN bytes transferred None
NA/EU traffic (low volume) Unknown
APAC traffic (low volume) Unknown
LATAM traffic (low volume) Unknown


View the tables below for more insight into the features QUANTIL supports.
Hover over/touch the feature name to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Extra costs = Extra costs
  • Unknown = Unknown
Web acceleration
Instant setupSign up, configure, start testing. No
Change propagation delayHow fast do config changes propagate to all POPs? Sortof/partially Depends on number of POPs turned on
Apex/root domain OK Blog: Root domain on CDN and performanceNo performance degradation when using http(s):// Extra costs Purchase auth DNS that integrates with their CDN
HTTP/2 Yes
IPv6Do the edge servers have IPv6? Yes
Compression CDN Guide: CompressionReduce file size for faster delivery Yes
Origin pull - protocolHTTP only or HTTPS possible too? Yes
Origin pull - Host headerUse client > edge value? Set specific value? Yes
Origin ShieldCDN Guide: Origin ShieldOne POP pulls from origin, other POPs pull from the shield POP Sortof/partially Custom config, done by their support team
Push / uploadStore your content directly on CDN, no customer origin Extra costs One-time $500 setup fee, $150/TB per month
Cache control - CDN caching Yes
Cache control - client caching Yes
Serve Stale CDN Guide: Serve StaleCDN serves cached but expired content in case origin is in trouble Sortof/partially Custom config, done by their support team
Purge CDN Guide: PurgeInvalidate or delete cached objects on CDN Sortof/partially Sometimes takes up to 10 min
Purge - capabilities Yes
Analytics Yes Many metrics. API outputs near real-time data. The customer portal is updated every 1-2 hours
Log files Sortof/partially Delay is 1-3 hours. Download through API or from portal
API Sortof/partially XML output
HTTPS & Content Protection
CDN domain HTTPSUse the CDN's domain, like Yes
Customer domain HTTPSYour domain in the CDN's certificate Extra costs SNI. Custom pricing
Customer cert HTTPSYour certificate on the CDN Extra costs SNI. Custom pricing
Token authentication Yes
tooltip Available for ingress and egress points of the CDN. MD5 and SHA256
Geo blocking Yes
tooltip Customers can provide a list regions and/or countries to whitelist and/or blacklist
Hotlink protectionThird parties cannot deeplink to your content Yes
Basic authenticationUser logs in on the CDN to get content No
IP white/blacklisting Yes
tooltip Whitelist and/or blacklist IP address. Self-configure.


Customer support
Documentation Yes Yes, but not everything is public. API docs are public.
Humans Sortof/partially Standard support (Monday to Friday, 9-6 pm PST) for small customers, and emergency support (24/7) for large customers. Support Availability.


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