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Lumen (formerly known as Centurylink or Level 3) owns and operates a global Tier-1 network and - logically - their CDN runs on top of it. Lumen CDN has POPs on many continents and their product focus is on video, large object delivery and edge computing.
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View the table below for more insight into Lumen products.
Hover over/touch the product to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Unknown = Unknown
Dynamic content deliveryNon-cacheable content delivery. User login, shopping cart ... Yes CDN Edge Compute
Small file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of small files (file size <1 MB) Yes CDN and/or CDN Edge Compute
Large file deliveryStatic object delivery; caching of large files (file size >1 MB) Yes
Live videoDelivery of live video. RTMP? Transcoding/transmuxing? Yes CDN and/or CDN Mesh Delivery
Video on demandDelivery of on demand video Yes CDN and/or CDN Mesh Delivery
Image OptimizationAutomatic image transformation/compression/optimization Yes part of CDN Edge Compute
DNSAuthoritative DNS for customer domain Yes
WAFWeb Application Firewall Yes WAF
Anti-DDoSDDoS attack protection. Specific product(s) for this. Yes Lumen DDoS Hyper (on-demand) and DDoS Mitigation Service
Private CDNDedicated edge resources & custom configs Yes CDN Mesh Delivery for Enterprise
Edge ComputeRun your code on CDN edge servers Yes Edge Compute


Click the country flag icon to navigate to a page showing all CDNs with POP(s) in that country.
Locations marked with * are not active yet but on the CDN's roadmap.

Region POPs Locations
North America 28 United States flag Atlanta - Boston - Chicago - Cleveland - Dallas - Denver - Detroit - Herndon - Honolulu - Houston - Los Angeles - McLean - Miami - Minneapolis - Nashville - Newark - New York - Orlando - Philadelphia - Phoenix - Pittsburgh - Portland - Salt Lake City - San Jose - Seattle - St. Louis - Tustin
Canada flag Toronto
Latin America 11 Argentina flag Buenos Aires
Brazil flag Curitiba - Fortaleza - Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo - Belo Horizonte* - Brasilia* - Porto Alegre*
Chile flag Santiago
Colombia flag Bogotá
Ecuador flag Quito - Guayaquil*
Mexico flag Mexico City - Queretaro
Panama flag Panama City*
Peru flag Lima
Venezuela flag Caracas*
Europe 35 Austria flag Vienna
Belgium flag Brussels
Bulgaria flag Sofia
Switzerland flag Geneva - Zurich
Czech Republic flag Prague
Germany flag Berlin - Dusseldorf - Frankfurt - Munich
Denmark flag Copenhagen
Spain flag Barcelona - Madrid
Finland flag Helsinki
France flag Marseille - Paris
United Kingdom flag Birmingham - Brentford - Hayes - Leeds - London - Manchester - Slough - Woking
Croatia flag Zagreb
Hungary flag Budapest
Ireland flag Dublin
Iceland flag Reykjavik
Italy flag Milan - Rome
Netherlands flag Amsterdam
Norway flag Oslo
Poland flag Warsaw
Romania flag Bucharest
Sweden flag Stockholm
Russia & CIS 0
Asia excl. China 7 Hong Kong flag Hong Kong
Indonesia flag Jakarta
Japan flag Osaka - Tokyo
South Korea flag Seoul
Philippines flag Manila
Singapore flag Singapore
China 0
Oceania 5 Australia flag Brisbane - Melbourne - Perth - Sydney
New Zealand flag Auckland
Middle-East 4 United Arab Emirates flag Dubai - Fujairah
Qatar flag Doha
Israel flag Tel Aviv
Africa 3 Egypt flag Alexandria
South Africa flag Cape Town - Johannesburg


Lumen provides custom pricing packages based on specific customer needs. You can receive a tailor made quote by contacting their sales team.
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Pricing & contract duration
Minimum contract term Unknown
Minimum monthly costs Unknown
Requests costsCustomers pay for client to CDN requests Unknown
Ingress costsCustomers pay for origin-to-CDN bytes transferred Unknown
NA/EU traffic (low volume) Unknown
APAC traffic (low volume) Unknown
LATAM traffic (low volume) Unknown


View the tables below for more insight into the features Lumen supports.
Hover over/touch the feature name to view a short description.

  • Yes = Yes
  • Sortof/partially = Sort of/partially
  • No = No
  • Extra costs = Extra costs
  • Unknown = Unknown
Web acceleration
Instant setupSign up, configure, start testing. No Not yet, but coming soon.
Change propagation delayHow fast do config changes propagate to all POPs? Sortof/partially No longer than 15 minutes - Often instant
Apex/root domain OK Blog: Root domain on CDN and performanceNo performance degradation when using http(s):// Extra costs Available with Section product for an additional fee
HTTP/2 Yes
IPv6Do the edge servers have IPv6? Yes
Compression CDN Guide: CompressionReduce file size for faster delivery Yes Resend from origin, or compress on edge
Origin pull - protocolHTTP only or HTTPS possible too? Yes HTTP and HTTPS.
Origin pull - Host headerUse client > edge value? Set specific value? Yes Configure specific other Host header
tooltip CDN can also forward client request Host header to origin
Origin ShieldCDN Guide: Origin ShieldOne POP pulls from origin, other POPs pull from the shield POP Yes
Push / uploadStore your content directly on CDN, no customer origin Extra costs FTP, SFTP, rsync. Storage costs apply
Cache control - CDN caching Yes
Cache control - client caching Yes
Serve Stale CDN Guide: Serve StaleCDN serves cached but expired content in case origin is in trouble Yes
Purge CDN Guide: Purge Invalidate or delete cached objects on CDN Yes Instant
Purge - capabilities Sortof/partially Purge all but not purge by directory or tag or header
Analytics Yes
Log files Yes
API Yes Purge, analytics, configuration
HTTPS & Content Protection
CDN domain HTTPSUse the CDN's domain, like Yes
Customer domain HTTPSYour domain in the CDN's certificate Yes
Customer cert HTTPSYour certificate on the CDN Yes
Token authentication Yes
Geo blocking Yes
Hotlink protectionThird parties cannot deeplink to your content Yes
Basic authenticationUser logs in on the CDN to get content Yes
IP white/blacklisting Yes


Customer support
Documentation Sortof/partially Yes, but not public
Humans Yes

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